Nested ModelsΒΆ

If your application uses models which have parent-child relationships, you may wish to set the parent option to provide a more appropriate file hierarchy and cascading querysets.

For example, if you have a CMS application with a Page model which may include Link objects on each page, you could set your Link Options like:

class LinkOptions(Options):
    parent = 'page'  # name of ForeignKey field to Page
    # other options here...

Note that the parent model must also be registered with dbgettext.

This has two benefits:

  • child objects will only be translated if their parent is (so, for example, links from an unpublished Page will not be included if the parent’s translate-if Option is set appropriately)
  • dbgettext_export will append child output to the parent’s path. For example: locale/dbgettext/cms/page/about_us/contact_us/link_13/ instead of locale/dbgettext/cms/link/link_13/ – this provides additional context to the translator

Note that the above example uses a customised get_path_identifier Option for Page to provide nicer a slug-based path (about_us/contact_us instead of page_123).